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    Can I Upgrade My Laptop Processor?

    Are you using your old, slow, and under-power laptop for quite a long time? The performance it gives is no more reliable, and it is no more processing the heavy tasks, gets slow and laggy even if you login straight away with no background running applications.

    Your laptop doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for new software installed. If you face these problems and don’t want to get any headaches, you might think should I Upgrade my system? And how should I start? 

    So let’s move to the biggest question that you may think and ask at first is it possible for me to upgrade my laptop’s processor? 

    Well, to clearly answer whether it is good news or unfortunately bad news for you, most of the laptops( including yours most probably) can’t be upgraded in terms of processor.

    The reason is that most of the laptops have their processors fit into the place on the motherboard, i.e., fixed, and that’s why processors in theses types of laptops cannot be changed or upgraded.

    So, in a nutshell, you can’t upgrade your laptop’s CPU unless it is detachable. However, in the case of desktops, this is possible as the CPU can be detached from the socket easily. Moreover, you can’t do it yourself, as this is quite a complex and risky process.

    Why the laptop’s processor can’t be detached from the motherboard?

    The answer is quite simple. You have to understand how the processor is mounted on the surface of the motherboard. Because this is quite useful to learn the hardware properties as detaching your old CPU is the first step in CPU up-gradation.

    There are three ways through which the CPU is attached to the motherboard:

    LGA( land grid array): This is a kind of loose attachment, and the processor can be taken off the motherboard. There are pins on the motherboard and the lower part of the CPU has contact points where the pins of the motherboard get connected.

    PGA( pin grid array): This is similar to LGA but here the pins are available on the CPU itself and the motherboard has the contact points.

    BGA( ball grid array): This attachment type is strong and fixed, making the CPU not detachable. This type is found in the majority of laptops.

    So to make the above discussion easy and understandable, if your laptop has a BGA-type attachment, it is nearly impossible to get your CPU replaced. And to mention it clearly, most laptops have this type, unfortunately.

    Can an i5 processor be replaced with an i7?

    Technically, it is possible to upgrade your processor from an i5 to an i7 only if you have a PGA or LGA CPU attachment. The PGA or LGA type CPU found in laptops will succeed in the first step. But this detachment process may require relevant knowledge, good expertise, and adequate equipment for this whole process.

    But if your laptop’s motherboard has an un-detachable CPU, this up-gradation is impossible. 

    Things to be considered:

     If somehow, you’ve got the detachable CPU in your laptop, fortunately, then this is not enough.

    •  The CPU is to be replaced, and the new one must have the same socket type on the motherboard for attachment. The socket is a point where the processor is attached to the motherboard.
    • The generations of processor is also an important facor. Make sure the generation of old and new processor should be same otherwise new processor may not work in your laptop.
    • You have to consider the chipset of the laptop you have, i.e., you have to make sure that the new CPU which you are going to mount must be compatible with the chipset on the motherboard.
    • Even after you met all the above requirements, there is no such guarantee that you will succeed or get better performance with the new processor. Each motherboard is built for a specific CPU model and easily works with that model. So the process is critical at every point.

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    Does upgrading from an i5 to an i7 is useful?

    Yes, in some cases upgrading from an i5 to an i7 processor may worth it and quite useful if you succeed to upgrade. The i5 processor is slower in performance than an i7 processor. The performance difference between an i5 and i7 is almost double. Hence, the i7 processor can manipulate and process the data more efficiently.

    But remember, in some case your laptop may get stability issues as your system may not provide the required power and cooling control to the new processor.

    Can I upgrade the i3 processor to an i5?

    As explained earlier, there are certain technical things to know before going through a CPU up-gradation process. If the laptop has a detachable CPU, you can surely move on to the next step in upgrading from an i3 to an i5 or i7.

    But sadly, most of the laptops have a permanent type of attachment to the motherboard, which makes the process die at the first step.

    Is there any other possible method of upgrading a laptop’s processor?

    The expensive and rather ridiculous method to upgrade a laptop’s processor is to change the motherboard entirely and maybe the RAM even. But this process is also quite tough.

    Different laptops have different types and designs of motherboards and you have to research a lot to get the perfect motherboard for your laptop. And for upgrading your processor, there are many other things which you may need to consider like you have to see whether the new motherboard supports your upgraded processor or not, can work well with the existing RAM or not, etc.

    Also, the new motherboard will cost you a very good amount of money, so think properly before you change your laptop’s motherboard to upgrade the processor.

    Can an Intel processor replace an AMD processor?

    Having hardware that supports the CPU upgrade from some lower generation and low speed to higher speed in case of laptop is fortunate. But having a computer that even supports CPU up-gradation from AMD to an Intel is something impossible.

    AMD and Intel are different processor suppliers, so they use different socket types and different chipsets. They are not compitable whether you say it physically or electronically. With that said, we can easily come to the answer that an Intel processor cannot be replaced with an AMD processor and vice versa.

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    Can I Upgrade My Laptop’s Processor
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    To wrap up the above discussion, the CPU up-gradation is quite an impossible process unless and until the CPU is detachable from the laptop’s motherboard with other factors like the same socket type, generation, compatible chipset, etc need to be considered.

    However, despite all these factors and spending a huge amount of money, there is no guarantee that the new CPU will work stably and give performance as there are high chances of compatibility issues.

    If you’re looking for up-gradation of RAM, storage, or the storage type itself, i.e., HDD or SDD, then you are good to go.

    There are certain cons of CPU up-gradation as well:

    • The cooling fan in your laptop may not work in collaboration with the new processor.
    • The up-gradation is useless if your notebook is already under warranty.
    • The laptop’s battery output may also be affected as different CPUs have different power requirements.

    So it is recommended to buy a new laptop with better specifications and satisfying performance rather than going through this complicated and annoying process.

    Final Words

    Upgrading a Laptop processor is a very costly, time-consuming, and very risky task. Apart from this, there is no guarantee that the new processor on your laptop will work properly and will give you a better performance.

    So we will never suggest you to take a risk for upgrading your laptop’s processor. Instead, if you are good, then go for a new laptop.

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