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    How To Get Sticker Residue Off Laptop? [Easy Ways]

    Do you want to remove stickers from your laptop?

    If yes, we will guide you on getting stickers residue off a computer. The stickers on a laptop may be a serial number sticker, warranty seal, or license key.

    So, before removing these stickers, first, rethink because those stickers will help you get your laptop serviced many times. If you plan to sell it, you shouldn’t remove these stickers.

    However, other personalized and promotional stickers can be removed from your laptop.

    Follow some methods described in this article and avoid using harsh solvents and excessive heat. Excessive heat and harsh solvents may deform or discolor the surface.

    Methods To Getting Sticker Residue Off Laptop

    There are various ways for sticker removal from a laptop. You can find these methods of laptop sticker removal below.

    1st method# Scrapping off the sticker

    This method includes three steps- 1. It is scrapping off the sticker, 2 and peeling the sticker’s one corner, and 3 and pulling the sticker up slowly.

    Scrapping Off the Sticker:

    The stickers may be new or one or two years old. New stickers don’t leave behind much residue. But it is harder to peel the adhesive behind the old stickers. In that case, use rubbing alcohol, water, or another cleaning solution to get sticker residue off the laptop.

    Peeling the sticker’s one corner:

    Use either fingernails or a plastic putty knife to lift the sticker off the laptop’s surface. Credit or debit cards can also peel the sticker’s one corner. While using plastic putty, knife, or credit card, be conscious of the scratches they make leave on the laptop’s surface. Scrap the sticker with them slowly. Avoid pressing them hard on the laptop’s exterior.

    Pulling the sticker up slowly:

    First, pull the lifted edge of the sticker. Pull the stickers slowly when the sticker is attached to the laptop. Working with a fingernail slowly may not tear the sticker. Fast peeling and pulling the sticker could increase the chances of leaving behind residue. If it leaves behind, you don’t need to worry. A lot of tactics and tricks get stickers residue off the laptop.

    2nd Method# Removing Adhesive

    This method includes four steps- 1. Unplug your computer, 2. Use a wet lint-free cloth, 3. Use mild dish soap on the fabric, 4. Wipe with a dry, clean cloth

    Unplug Your computer:

    Don’t forget to unplug your computer whenever you clean your laptop before starting cleaning. Either shut down the computer or remove your battery from the laptop before cleaning. As you will apply water or liquid to remove the stickers, you and your laptop will be at stake if you don’t unplug your computer.

    Use a wet lint-free cloth:

    Dab a clean, lint-free cloth in hot water. Rinse the cloth and rub the residue with circular motion and pressure. Elbow grease helps to remove the residue in a few minutes. Keep in mind liquid or water may cause damage to the laptop if water shrinks into any openings in the computer. Warranties don’t include repairing the laptop damaged due to liquids.

    Use mild dish soap on the cloth:

    If the area is still gunk, add a drop of dish soap on a clean wet cloth. The cloth must be soaked in hot water. Rub the cloth’s corner to form a lather of soap and wipe down the gunk area. After that, wipe away the area with a dry clean part of the cloth. Remember that dish soap should not be used directly on the laptop. The use of cloth is a must for cleaning.

    Wipe again with a dry clean cloth: After removing sticker residues, wipe the surface off the laptop with another lint-free clean cloth. To prevent streaking, drying of the area is necessary.

    3rd Method # Removing Stubborn Residue

     This method includes five steps-

    1. Use rubbing alcohol

    Use either rubbing alcohol or a mixture (1:1) of white vinegar and water to remove stubborn residue. Soak a corner of lint-free clean cloth into rubbing alcohol. Move the cloth in circular motions with pressure.

    2. Place an alcohol-soaked cloth over the sticky area

    Hold an alcohol-soaked cloth over the sticky area for 2-3 minutes if the first step fails. Rubbing alcohol generally does not discolor the laptop or damage the plastic. For precaution, you may check the sticky area every 30 seconds.

    3. Use duct tape

    You may rub the sticky area of the laptop with a sticky surface of the duct tape. This process may lead to stickiness leftover by duct tape. Don’t worry. A clean cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol or hot water will remove the residue left by duct tape.

    4. Use a mildly abrasive scrub pad

    Examples of mildly abrasive scrub pads are nylon and melamine foam scrub pads. Dab it with water, add a drop of dish soap and rub the sticky area with light pressure. You may dip the scrub pad in rubbing alcohol.

    5. Use a blow dryer

    The last step to be followed is using a blow dryer. If all else fails, then only apply this method. The blow dryer should be set to low or medium and used only for 30 seconds. Check it then using a cloth or putty knife.

    Precaution To Be Taken Before Removing Sticker From Laptops

    • If you use a putty knife or credit card, be careful of scratches on the laptop’s surface.
    • Use only a plastic knife or card, not a metal knife.
    • Peeling and pulling the sticker fast may tear the sticker leaving behind the residue. So, slow peeling is essential.
    • Don’t forget to unplug your laptop before cleaning.
    • Be careful not to get moisture into the internal parts of the laptop.
    • Please don’t use harsh solvents as they may discolor the laptop’s surface.
    • Don’t apply a dish soap directly on the laptop’s surface.
    • Using a mildly abrasive scrub pad like a nylon scrub pad, rub the sticky area gently.
    • Set the blow dryer to low or medium because excessive heat may damage the laptop’s internal parts.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q.1. Does any damage to a laptop, caused by liquids or over-heating, come under warranty?

    Answer. No. Any damage caused by water, liquids, or cleaning solution doesn’t come under warranty. So, be careful while using a cleaning solution. The liquids should not pass into the internal parts of the laptop.

    Q.2. Which substances are best at removing sticky residue?

    Nail polish remover, toothpaste, baking soda paste, petroleum jelly, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, duct tape, lotion, vegetable oil, olive oil, etc., remove sticky residue.

    Q.3. How do you remove stickers from the glass?

    Keep in mind three things while removing stickers from the laptop’s glass.

    Avoid using oil-based substances because they leave streaks on the glass.

    Use non-oil-based substances like rubbing alcohol or vinegar on the glass.

    You may use a hairdryer but at the lowest setting. Aim the hairdryer at the sticker for only thirty seconds at a time. Do it 3-4 times. After that, you can easily peel off the sticker with your fingernails or plastic credit or debit card.

    Q.4. How do you remove stickers from MacBook?

    Don’t use any liquid, abrasive materials or paper towels according to Apple-approved methods. They recommend water and non-abrasive cloth to gently wet stickers. Then, you may peel the stickers off your fingernails.


    It is quite difficult and time-consuming to take the stickers off a laptop. But it is not impossible and can be successfully done with patience. Your laptop will look glossy if you follow the above methods to get the sticker residue off the computer. But never forget to take precautions before cleaning.

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