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    How to Show Network Icon on Taskbar? [Easy Fix]

    Most of us know that a taskbar is a great place for getting easy access to various applications and some basic system settings like sound settings, network settings, battery settings, etc.

    Network icon is the most used icon in a laptop or PC. Through this icon, we can connect to the internet through Wifi, see the available wifi networks, turn ON or OFF the Flight Mode, change our hotspot settings and directly access the Network and Internet settings.

    It is a very handy tool that lets you access the various networks on your computer. But sometimes due to some issues, the Network Icon happens to disappear from the taskbar.

    In this article, we will show you how to fix some of the issues that make your Network Icon disappear from the Taskbar.

    Methods to Show Network Icon on Taskbar

    Windows 7

    1. Right-click on the Taskbar.

    2. Select “Properties” and go under the “Taskbar Tab” (Selected by Default).

    3. Click on ‘Customize‘ under the ‘Notification Area’ section.

    How to show network icon on windows 7

    4. Make sure for the “Network” entry under Icons, “Show icon and notifications” is selected.

    5. If you don’t find the “Network” option, click the “Turn system icons on or off” option at the bottom of the window.

    How to show network icon on windows 7 1

    6. Under “System Icons,” find “Network,” and to the right of it, select “ON” in the drop-down menu.

    How to show network icon on windows 7 2

    7. Finally, Select “OK” on all of the Windows that appeared in the process and close them.

    Windows 8 or 10

    Windows Operating System is the most widely used OS in the world. Well, this issue is common in windows users. Just follow the steps given below, and we hope to get your issue fixed.

    1. Go to Windows Button or press the Windows Key.

    2. Search for “Taskbar settings” and then click on it when it appears.

    3. Under the “Notification Area”, find the option “Select which icons appear on the Taskbar” and then click on it.

    How to show network icon on windows 10

    4. Just Turn On the “Network” icon, and finally, you can see the Network Option on your Taskbar.

    Show Network Icon On Windows 10 1

    Note: You can also find the “Taskbar Settings” by dragging your mouse to the Taskbar and right-click the mouse button.

    Or try another Method If the problem still exists

    1. Right-click on the Taskbar and select “Task Manager”.

    2. Under “Processes,” find “Windows Explorer” (“Windows.exe” in Windows 7).

    3. Click on it and select “Restart” (Click on “End Process” in Windows 7) at the bottom of the Window.

    How to show network icon on windows 10 1

    4. Restart the System.

    Hopefully, these above two methods should fix the issue.

    Windows 11

    Windows 11 is a new update from Windows, and users are installing it in a large number.

    There may be a case where you cannot see the Network connection option on your Taskbar. This may be because of various reasons given below.

    One of the reasons may be that the required wifi drivers are not installed on your device. Installing the driver on your system may fix your problem.

    Another reason may be that your wifi adapter is disabled or damaged. Follow the steps given below to see the fixes of the issues mentioned here.

    Before going to other steps, run the Troubleshooter to see if your problem is fixed.

    Running the Troubleshooter

    1. Press the Windows key and go to “Settings“.

    2. Under “System,” find the “Troubleshoot” option and click on it.

    3. Go to “Other Troubleshooters” and select “Network Adapter“.

    4. Click on “Run.”


    Note: You can directly go to the Troubleshoot window by simply searching and selecting it after pressing the “Windows” key.

    If this does not work for you, see the other fixes to this issue given below.

    Checking Wi-Fi Adapters

    1. Press the Windows key and go to “Settings“.

    2. Click on the “Network and Internet” tab and go to “Advanced Network Settings”.

    3. Select “More network adapter options” under “Related Settings”.

    4. In this Window, you can see all your Network Adapters. Here, find the “Wi-Fi” adapter and ensure it is “enabled“.

    5. If not enabled, you can see disabled is written over there. Right-click on the Wi-Fi adapter for this case and select the “enable” option.

    Enable Wifi Adapter

    6. Wait for the process, and finally, if you see the wifi icon on the taskbar.

    If your problem is still not solved, you can reinstall the required wifi drivers as they may have been accidentally uninstalled.

    Installing Wifi Drivers

    1. Press the “Windows” key, search for “Device Manager” and click on it.

    2. Find “Network Adapters” from the list and expand it.

    3. You can see a list of drivers. Right-click the “Wireless driver” option and uninstall it.

    4. Restart your PC. This will automatically try to install the driver on your PC and fix your problem.

    5. But there is a chance of failure. Your PC may not install the drivers automatically. You have to manually install the drivers again, which is a different task. The video given below can be referred.


    Network icon happens to be an important icon in your taskbar which you will be using very often. So not finding this icon on the taskbar may be uncomfortable for you.

    In this article, we have provided some of the ways to fix this issue and we hope by following the steps given above you can make the Network Icon appear back on the Taskbar.

    Saif is a Computer Engineer, and he is an editor of this Laptop Spots website. Saif is interested in Cricket, enjoys Technology, Traveling, Funny topics, and tries to be happy. He believes in true knowledge and thus will provide you with good articles related to laptops so that he can make a one-spot laptop platform for you.

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