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    How to Take Screenshot on Laptops in 2022 [5 Easy Method]

    If you have trouble taking Screenshots on laptops, this best and easy guide will help you.

    In this age of advanced technology, most of the work is done through laptops, phones, or PCs. During your work, you need to capture your computer screen. That captured image could be your all-time best score or any error while processing to be sent to your IT department. Such captured image is known as a screenshot.

     A screenshot is a still image of whatever is shown on your laptop screen. Screenshots have proven essential as they can be used for some reference, or screenshots can be enhanced for training purposes, product manuals, or sorting out any error.

    Screenshots are pretty easy on phones, but when it comes to laptops, some specific set of rules will allow you to take screenshots on your laptop. 

    Here we will tell you some methods for clicking a screenshot of your screen any time with handy ease.

    Best and Easy Way to Take Screenshot on Laptops

    1. Using snip & sketch method:

    Windows key + shift key + s: This combination of keys will allow you to grab your screenshot without any great effort. At first, the screen will soften, and then a soft screen will appear on the screen. Users can crop the image according to its requirements.

    Alternative to this key combination is:

    • Write snip & sketch in the search bar.
    • Open the application.
    • Go to options and click “Snip now.”

    A screen will be snipped and can be used for further work.

    2. Using game bar:

    Screenshot can also be taken by using the game bar option.

    The steps to be followed:

    • Press Windows key + G. This will open up the game bar.
    • Select “Yes it is for gaming” in the dialogue box.
    • Click on the camera to take the screenshot or simply use short cut key Windows + alt + PrtScrn.


    3. Using snipping tool:

    One of the popular ways of taking a screenshot is by using a snipping tool.

    The following steps will make it easy for you:

    • Click the search icon and search for the snipping tool. You can also find it directly in the windows start menu in applications.
    • After opening, click on the option “New.”
    • Click on either rectangle snip or free from snip.
    • A rectangular snip allows you to take a screenshot of your screen rectangular shape.
    • As suggested, the name free from snip allows you to take a screenshot of any shape you want.

    The snipping tool features some exciting and advanced tools adding accessibility to the user.

    4. Shortcut keys:

    One of the straightforward ways to capture screenshots is using a different combination of keys. 

    • The first and the most convenient way is pressing PrtScrn. This key automatically saves your screenshots in pictures>screenshot.

    Only this key saves the screenshot directly. For other key combinations, only copy the screenshot to the clipboard. The user is required to paste it into pictures. Some of them are

    • Prtscrn + Fn.
    • PrtScrn + Alt.
    • PrtScrn + Windows.

    5. External resources:

    We have talked about various built-in techniques for capturing a screenshot. One thing that should be kept in my mind is their limitations. Thus some users prefer to use third-party applications, which come with loads of accessibility options.

    • SnagitSnagit is software offered by TechSmith. This software is highly recognizable for its high-quality picture and video capturing. This software is not free. It can run on macOS or windows.
    • Greenshot: This is efficient software that provides screenshot features with free services. A user only wants to make a free account and can use it without distraction.
    • Lightshot: Another free application for capturing the screenshots and further editing or adding comments on screenshots.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    With growing recognition of working from your laptops, many people are now concerned with some essential technologies that are primarily unknown.

     For example, how to take screenshots of your work on your laptop? 

    This question is the basic need for those working online. Along with this query, people come up with other questions that we will discuss.

    Q1. How to take a screenshot on macOS?

     Apple devices don’t offer their user any direct option for taking screenshots. Instead, the user must know some key combinations to do so. 

    Apple Company comes up with different models like Macbook, Macbook Air, or iMac. You should be aware of all the ways.

    1. Take a screenshot on your Mac.

    Step 1: To take a snap of your screen, press 3 keys (Shift + Command + 3) together.

    Step 2: For further editing, click on the side thumbnail or save the screenshot on your desktop.

    2. Capturing a portion of the screen.

    Step 1: To click a screenshot, press Shift + Command + 4 together.

    Step 2: Move the crosshair according to your requirement

    • Press and hold the space bar while selecting the area. 
    • Press the Esc key to cancel the screenshot selection.

    Step 3: To capture the screenshot, release the mouse or touchpad.

    3. Clicking the whole window or menu:

    Step 1: Open the windows or menu to be captured.

    Step 2: For the screenshot, press again Shift + Command + 4 together.

    Step 3: The cursor will automatically change into a camera icon. 

    • Press the Esc key to delete the screenshot.

    Step 4: click the window to take the image of your screen.

    Q2. How to find screenshots on laptops?

    Are you done picking up the idea of capturing the screenshot on your laptop? Your next question should be from where to find those screenshots?

    Don’t worry. We will clear your query.

    First of all, if you have captured your screenshot by simply clicking the PrtScrn key, then you will not be able to find it anywhere. By this method, the screenshot is only copied to your clipboard.

    To get your screenshot for later use, you must paste it in screenshots>pictures.

    Secondly, if you have done it using the snipping tool, you will find it on your pc if you have saved it. When capturing, the snipping tool opens a dialogue box asking to save your screenshot in your desired file.

    If you haven’t done it before, you have to take the screenshot again, and you can save it and find your screenshot for further proceeding.

    If you took the snap by using Windows + PrtScrn together then,

    Step 1: Open file explorer.

    Step 2: After opening, click “My Pc” and then “pictures.”

    Step 3: After clicking the “pictures” folder. Screenshots will appear at the front.

    Q3. How to change the default location of screenshots?

    Sometimes you need to drag all of your working tools within a single place. 

    For example, you want all your screenshots to be saved in a folder that is present in your office file. To get this work done, there are some steps to be followed.

    Step 1: In your file explorer, approach where you want to save your screenshots. After reaching there, click the left button and select “new”; name a new folder named screenshots.

    Step 2: Repeat the above instructions to find your screenshots in “pictures” folders.

    Step 3: Press the right key of your mouse/touchpad on the top of “screenshots.” Options will appear; click the last option named “properties.”

    Step 4: After clicking “properties,” click o the tab “location.” The screen will show the current location of the “screenshots.” To change the location, click the “move” tab.

    Step 5: After appearing of new windows explorer, navigate the new “screenshots” folder you created earlier. After reaching, click “select folder.” All of your current screenshots will show the future ones will also start saving there.

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