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    How to Take Screenshot on MSI Laptop?

    MSI laptops have recently risen to a great height in the markets. MSI laptops are budget-friendly and can perform day-to-day work efficiently. It is well-built and has great battery life.

    Capturing screenshots has nowadays become a daily need. Isn’t it great that you can capture any information displayed on your screen and save it with just a few clicks?

    Taking screenshots has been made way too easy with the advancement of technology. Here, in this article, we’ll be providing you with some simple methods through which you can take screenshots on your MSI laptops.

    The Best and Easy Method to Take Screenshot on MSI Laptop

    1. Use of Print Screen Button

    The print screen method is the most frequently used to take a screenshot on MSI. It helps you capture your entire screen in one go.

    ● Open the page or the content that you want to capture.

    ● Now, you need to find the print screen key, which will probably be present on the top-right corner of your keyboard. Press Windows key and print screen key simultaneously. 

    ● Your screen will flash, indicating that the screenshot has been taken successfully.

    ● After you’ve taken the screenshots, you need to go to the pictures folder in windows explorer, and there you’ll find a folder named “screenshots,” which will certainly have what you’re looking for.

    2. Take a Screenshot Using a Snippet Tool

    A snipping tool is an application already in your system, and you just need to launch it. 

    ● You can locate the snippet tool through the windows search option. The icon of the snipping tool is scissors. Tap on it after locating the same, and you can use it after that.

    ● The snipping tool consists of various tabs and quite a few ribbons, each designed to perform a specific function. To take a screenshot, you need to tap on the new tab option and then wait for your mouse pointer to turn rectangular in shape.

    ● Now, by holding the left button of your mouse, you can drag and select the area you want to capture.

    ● You can save your screenshot at the desired location; just click on the file option, and select ‘save snip’ from the appeared menu and you’re pretty much done.

    Easy Method To Take Screenshot on Laptop

    3. Using ‘Windows + G’ to Take Screenshots on Your Device

    This is one of the most extensively used methods on laptops operating on windows, including MSI laptops.

    ● To use this method, open the page or content you want to screenshot.

    ● Then click Windows and simultaneously to take the screenshot.

    ● Screenshots will be captured and stored under the screenshot folder, and you can edit them with the help of the default tool, paint.

    These are some easy and native methods that you can use to take screenshots on your MSI laptops. Some 3rd party applications and chrome extensions do the job and provide some additional customization options.

    Most Widely Used 3rd party Tools to Taking the Screenshot

    1. LightShot

    The light shot is freely available software that you can download to take screenshots on your MSI laptops. You can take screenshots for selective areas, which makes this a perfect fit for your screenshot needs.

    ● You can download the software by going to their official website through this link and clicking on the Download button. 

    ● Download the file and install it on your MSI laptop. You can start using this tool right away after installation.

    2. Greenshot 

    Greenshot is a simple and minimal-looking screenshot tool that is free and open source. It provides you with many customization options like taking screenshots of specific parts or full-screen screenshots and the flexibility to save them in any folder or share with a program.

    ● You can download the tool by simply going through this link and installing the software by clicking Download.

    ● You are ready to take screenshots as soon as you install this file into your device.

    3. ShareX

    ShareX is a versatile software that allows you to take screenshots, capture screen videos, or even GIFs. You can also set a timer to take screenshots at different time intervals.

    It is widely used since it helps you share your screenshots across sites and people. You can easily upload them to online servers as well through a shareable link. 

    ● You can download ShareX by following this link and downloading the software from the official site.

    ● After installing the file, you can run the application and use it to take screenshots.

    4. Gyazo

    Gyazo is the only app on the list with a pro version that costs you about 4$ to use services other than taking screenshots and sharing them through the links. You get unlimited access to saved screenshots and editing with the pro version.

    Even without a pro version, Gyazo is a handy tool to take screenshots. with its in-built l gallery, you can share the screenshots with anyone through dedicated links.

    ● Follow this link to the official website and download the application.

    ● Install the file and start using the application to take screenshots.

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    FAQs( frequently asked questions) 

    Q1. Can you take screenshots on your MSI laptop?

    Yes, like most windows laptops, there are many ways to take screenshots on your MSI laptop as well.

    Q2. Is it hard to take screenshots on MSI laptops?

    Like most Windows operating devices, it’s very easy to take screenshots and save them on your device.

    Q3. Are there any native methods to take a screenshot on your MSI laptop?

    Yes, there are some keyboards and other tools as well as shortcuts that allow you to take screenshots and save the screenshot in your device folder directly.

    Q4. Are 3rd party tools safe to take screenshots?

    Most 3rd party tools like the mentioned ones are safe to use, although one should refrain from using any unauthorized or scammy-looking site or application.

    Q5. Can you take screenshots offline as well?

    Yes, most native shortcut tools save the screenshot in your device folder, and even most 3rd party tools save the screenshots in your device folder directly without needing an online connection.

    Final Words 

    According to their use case, these are some of the most well-known methods that one uses to take screenshots in their MSI laptops. You can use native methods to take screenshots if you don’t have experience with 3rd party tools, or you can use 3rd party tools if you need a wide array of options and handy customization tools. I hope you find this article useful and you can drop your doubts in the comments. 

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