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    Is Acer a good Brand for Laptops and PCs?

    Are you looking for the perfect business laptop for all business sizes, and you like a particular laptop from this brand but are confused about whether Acer is a good brand or not?

    Are you finding a smarter, faster, simpler laptop model for everyday tasks?

    Last but not least, Are you in search of a laptop for gaming or demanding graphic designing work from Acer company?

    If your answer is yes, then you are surely at the right place.

    Here in this article, we will give you all basic and brief information about the different Acer Laptop Series.

    But before this, we will summarize Acer’s History, Net worth, Market share.

    After reading this article, You will also be aware of the features of the different Acer Laptop seriesits Build Quality, Warranty, and Support. 


    In 1976 Stan Shih Chen and his friends started this company with an initial contribution of $25000. Multitech International was the company’s first name. Initially, this company was a distributor of electronics parts and worked in microprocessor technologies.

    Gradually the company started its success journey and its name was changed to Acer Inc in 1987.

    The company is based in Xizhi, New Taipei City of Taiwan. This multinational hardware and electronics corporation has its charm and fame in products of advanced electronics technology.

    They had a huge variety of products; Desktop PCs, Laptop PCs like Clamshells, 2-in-1s, Chromebooks, and Convertibles. 

    Acer is popular for its products of virtual reality devices, smartphones, peripherals, tablets, servers, gaming PCs, and many more.

    Yearly Milestones Of Acer


    Acer’s first successful product was a Micro professor. That provided massive revenues for research and development in the next projects. You would be amazed to know that Acer developed the world’s first Chinese language computer, an Intel 386 processor.


    Acer was continuously switching to unique strategies that reduced its cost of production and increased profits.

    Thus it gained $3.2 billion out of which $210 million were profit in 1994. It became the ninth-largest manufacturer globally by crossing its rivals like Dell, Toshiba, and Hewlett-Packard. 


    Acer was heavily investing in research and development during those years. Due to this factor, it ranked top in 1995 on selling computer brands in the Philippines, Thailand, Uruguay, Mexico, and Chile.


    Acquiring popular companies remained a powerful tactic for Acer’s success story. In 2007 it became the world’s biggest PC vendor by acquiring Gateway and Packard Bell. 


    Acer had also been courageous in diversifying its range of products. They are low-cost desktops, laptops, peripherals, storage devices to the latest tablets and smartphones. This boldness of decisions resulted in $16 billion revenue with 7500 employees in 2011. 


    Acer imagines unimaginable sets of goals and achieves them with passion for growth. It became the world’s fourth-largest PC manufacturer in 2012.

    Acer Net Worth

    After a glimpse of Acer’s History and yearly milestones, here are a few financial stats regarding Acer from the Annual Report of Acer 2020.

    1# Acer’s annual revenue was $277.1 billion.

    2# Acer’s annual operating income was $8.9 billion. 

    3# Acer’s annual net income was $6.1 billion.

    4# Acer’s total assets are raised to $183.9 billion. 

    5# Acer’s total equity worthed $61.9 billion.

    Acer Market Share

    According to the research of Gartner.comAcer ranked the world’s fifth-largest PC vendor in terms of unit sales the previous year. And its market share stood around 7%. 

    In recent years Acer has been facing tough competition from its rivals. And to counter this, the company’s new CEO, Jason Chen, has devised a strategy of focusing more on the production of high-end gaming PCs. 

    Things To Consider Before Buying Acer Laptop

    Acer has records of producing the best affordable laptops in the market. Still, you will be confused if not overwhelmed when looking at the depth of its product lineups.

    So here we have briefly summed up a few things, which you can consider before going with any specific laptop.

    Know Your Use Purpose

    Suppose you want to buy a laptop just for casual usages like web browsing and simple tasks. Then you don’t need to buy expensive or high-end gaming products. 

    And if you are a creator and gaming lover, you must look for a laptop with a better graphics configuration. And it will cost you more than usual. 

    Type Of Screen

    You can’t skip considering screen type to have the best image quality. An IPS screen is always a sweet spot for most users simply because these screens can give you fantastic color accuracy even at a low cost. 


    The thickness form factor means that your ideal laptop will be standard or 2 in 1 form. It all depends on your use and convenience. 

    Operating System

    This means you can go with traditional Windows laptops or trendy ChromeOS. Both have their specifications.


    Of course, you can’t cross your budget limit while choosing your laptop. Thanks to Acer as its product lineups vary in all budget-specific products. That is comparably better in the configuration in the same budget.

    Design And Build Quality

    Many Acer Laptops are built with near all-metal designs. That looks cool and feels awesome when touching them.

    Many Acer laptops possess stylish two-tone finishes with a golden lid and silvery base. Their unique small wordmark in the center of the lid makes it outclass. You can also see a leverage mechanism in many laptop lids, which gives its fans more room to breathe. 

    Warranty And Supports

    Acer has documented its warranty and supports services deeply on its official website. It has overall one-year standard parts and services warranty for most of its products.

    Acer is responsible for repairing and replacing parts without extra charging during the warranty timeline. The warranty commences from the date of purchase.

    You can’t claim the warranty if the company’s sticker is tampered with or missing. Warranty will not cover natural disaster circumstances or misuse, abuse, etc.

    You can check detailed services by adding a serial number of your Acer Laptop on their official website.

    Different Acer Laptop Series and their Features

    If we categorize the different Acer Laptop series, they may come under three main categories like business, gaming, 2 in 1s, etc. So we will present here some specific features of all these laptop series; stay tuned to the end. 

    1. Acer Travelmate

    This series of laptops have very amazing features for busy businessmen. It gives you extra options for securely storing files with its latest TPM chip and fingerprint scanner options. Yeah, you can also expand your storage or RAM via covers on the bottom of these laptops. 

    2. Acer Aspire

    The main specific feature of this series is that you have a lot of choices. This series is mainly divided into three levels. 

    Acer Aspire 3: that is considered basic among the rest. Aspire 5: You may lay it in the mid-range laptops series. Aspire 7: High-end laptops with extra configurations. So, you have a lot of variety in this Acer Aspire Series. 

    Whether you want to watch movies, edit videos with Adobe Premiere Pro software, or simply browse websites, Acer Aspire is there for all your wishes. 

    3. Acer ConceptD

    This series is well-known because it provides a workstation for a colorful design.

    Graphic designers love this series as it relieves them from technical constraints when they bring their ideas or creations into their lives. Its white, minimalistic design and use of an orange glow seriously mesmerize laptop users.

    4. Acer Swift

    Its sleek design gives you an amazing look with its metal casing. They are known for their thinner and light design.

    Yeah, they are 15-inch or smaller, and you will not see a 17-inch laptop in this Acer Swift series. Additional features of this series are that it’s useful for on-the-go workers. It has a sturdy casing and a wide choice of specifications.

    5. Acer Spin

    If you are a lover of 2 in 1 laptop series, then the Acer Spin laptop series will surely attract you. Yeah, you can use them as tablets whenever you wish.

    You can take notes with your fingers or touch pen with this series. You can present your work to others by folding the screen. You can watch a movie in a tent position. You can go with it for basic tasks or video editing

    6. Acer Nitro

    Acer Nitro laptop series is for those gamers who also like working on some creative projects. So gaming with demanding graphic work can be best served by this series.

    Its video card makes it smoother to play games or render videos rapidly. Its sleek design is shown by black casing and red backlit keys. 

    7. Acer Predator

    This is an ideal laptop series for serious gamers. The dedicated NVIDIA GeForce series video card makes this laptop series outclass in the gaming experience.

    There are also highlighted WASD keys. And because of these keys, you can send your characters always in the right direction.

    With the choice of storage in SSD and HDD, these Predators shorten your startup timings and give you sufficient space for all your desired games.

    8. Acer Chromebook

    Do you want to work on your projects in the cloud and store them safely?

    Then Acer Chromebook laptop series is the right choice for you. Yeah, laptops of this series are really energy efficient and less susceptible to viruses.

    This series enables your login with your Google account on the Chrome operating system. This means you have access to your files from being anywhere. The point must be noted that Chrome OS doesn’t support Windows programs. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Why is Acer Laptops So Cheap?

    Acer is a well-known manufacturer of affordable laptops with aesthetics. Most of its products other than business series are made up of comparably cheaper GPUs. And here is a thing that it is in high competition with its cost rivals. That’s why they look cheaper in prices. 

    Q2. Is Acer A Chinese Company? 

    No, Acer is a Taiwanese company. More exactly, it’s a corporation that is based in Taiwan. Its headquarter is located in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

    However, Its services and branches are available all over the world.

    Q3. Should you buy an Acer laptop or not?

    Well, it depends on your needs and wishes. Yeah, Acer is among five bigger laptop manufacturing companies. So it’s reliable. Its design and aesthetics are attractive. It’s comparably cheaper with the same configurations. You should go for it when needed. 

    Q4. Is Acer Laptop Good for Gaming?

    Well, still in 2022, Acer is ensuring affordable gaming laptops. Their gaming laptops have some nice extras packed with them. Like direct control for power, cooling, and upgrades. Acer Nitro 5 is a popular, affordable laptop among gamers. 

    Q5. Does Acer Make Their Components?

    Acer has a well-established supply chain mechanism for its components. Their first-tier suppliers include ODMs and OEMs. Acer manufactures its components around the globe.


    If you want a good laptop on a budget, then you can have one from Acer. They provide you with a good laptop in which you will be able to do any professional work like blogging, video editing, graphic designing, etc.

    Whether you want to use it for business-related work, studies, or want to use it for any professional work, then you can get a good and affordable laptop from this Brand.

    Acer laptops come in various price ranges from 200$ Chromebooks to 2000$ professional laptops. The brand Acer always provides budget-friendly laptop manufacturer so you can go for it.

    Saif is a Computer Engineer, and he is an editor of this Laptop Spots website. Saif is interested in Cricket, enjoys Technology, Traveling, Funny topics, and tries to be happy. He believes in true knowledge and thus will provide you with good articles related to laptops so that he can make a one-spot laptop platform for you.

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